Telcom to Block WhatsApp, Skype & Facebook Call to Boost Revenue

Brace up, the tough times are near, of course it has eaten deep into all sectors in the country, recalled a plan sometimes ago by the Nigeria telecommunication companies to increase the price of data?? well it appeared the latest gist from their angle is a proposed plan to block all videos and voice calls on WhastApp, Skype, BBM, Facebook and all other calling apps in a bid to boost revenue..

The Nigerian Naira which hit an all high last week to dollar, exchanging for about 1 dollar to over 500 Naira, with the look of things, reshaping might not just be done by telecommunication companies alone, most likely to hit harder on all sectors that were already on the height of collapse, of course you need not be told the adverse effect seen across states in the Country..

According to reports, the telecommunications companies in Nigeria claimed to have lost huge amount of revenue from international calls to the likes of Whatsapp, Skype and others, and as foreseen it may further loss between N20tn and N30tn, or more, by the end of 2018, thus blocking subscribers from making calls on BBM, Facebook and other Over-the-Top services becomes necessary

International calls made up a critical part of their revenue because of Nigeria’s large expatriate and Diaspora population. But right now, subscribers have opted for alternative to international calls by using Skype, WhatsApp call, Facebook Video calls etc and its drastically affecting their revenue.

Of course people seems to have adopted the easy route toward reaching out to their loved ones abroad, but then you won’t blame them, inasmuch as the effect is being felt by big giants, imagine how much pain and discomfort the average man on the street feels

Well, if the plan by the Nigerian telcom companies to finally block WhatsApp, BBM, Skype and even Facebook from making calls, then its better we sort for alternatives, and of course there’s a need for total rejection of such moves..well our friend at mobility arena has this to say:

If Nigerian Telcos Block WhatsApp Calls

Here is what I advice Nigerians to do if telcos block Skype and WhatsApp calls.

  1. Stop buying data from any network that implements such a block.
  2. For your data needs, switch to data-only networks like Smile, Ntel or Spectranet for all your data needs. Because they are data-only, they want you to make all the WhatsApp and Skype calls that you can make. Data is their only income.
  3. To use those data-only networks, their SIM cards work in compatible phones. Or just buy a mifi and put their SIM in it for use.

Why not tell us you take on this issue, do you think blocking Whatsapp calls by Telcom companies is the right way to go?? share your opinion..

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