WhatsApp Two Step Authentication : 4 reasons Why you should not activate

recalled sometimes last year WhatsApp introduced two step Authentication, and has started rolling out the update to further improve security by providing a way through which users can authenticate their account via a six digit passcode, thereby prevent any unauthorized third party to register using your number, sounds cool right?? yes, but wait for it..

Of course, every sane individual would immediately rush to activate the feature, considering its security as well as privacy benefits, but there’s a flop, although reasons why you shouldn’t activate are something you can easily ignore provided you ain’t too careless with little things, however you need to read them..oh Are you using a blackberry device and unable to use Whatsapp due to support, why not get that resolve now and fix WhatsApp not working on Blackberry devices withing secs

WhatsApp Two Step Authentication

Here’re the 4 major reasons why you should’t activate the Whatsapp two step authentication

  • Stand a chance of being locked out For 7 days. 

Two-step verification requires specifying an email address used to turn off the feature in case you forget your six-digit passcode. But here’s the catch, should you forget activating the passcode without specifying backup email, then re-verifying your number on WhatsApp becomes impossible withing 7 days of last using it. in other words, you won’t be able to access your account for seven days.

  • Your WhatsApp Account could be Deleted

Gone are those days when you could literally go off whatsapp for months, with the new security measures, should you fail to re-verify your number on WhatsApp after 30 days of last seen without the passcode, your WhatsApp account will be automatically deleted. Although you can create a new account upon re-verifying your number, there’s still a risk of your account and all your chats getting deleted, unless you regularly back them up.

  • Annoying Reminders To Enter Passcode

We all know how very annoying pop-ups are. with two-step verification enabled, you may have to deal with something like that in WhatsApp frequently. majorly cause of the periodic prompts requesting for your passcode, disappointingly, There’s no way to disable this annoying pops up without turning off the feature itself.

  • Potential Security Risk To Your Email ID

Although WhatsApp claims it won’t verify email accuracy, however there’s a lingering risk of having your e-mail address exposed to security threats and possibly unwanted promotional messages, enabling the feature requires you to specify a valid email address, which can be used to disable it should you forget your passcode.

Well, as stated earlier, this are issues you could avoid, however not being a fan of pops up might literally makes you not want to go for it, but still i think activating the Whatsapp two step authentication still needs to be improved upon in such a way it doesn’t scare users away from using..

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