Download Airplane pilot simulator 3D game apk for android

Are you interested in flying, or do you want to get used with some flight instruments then you are in the right place for training.the new Airplane pilot simulator 3D game offered by i6 games is now available for download with recently added features that makes you enjoy and feel the real experience of flying.

Airplane pilot simulator 3D has about Installs 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 and can be played on android mobile phones it can be played by tilting your device or with joystick but it has limitations to some phones lower than the version required by the game.It even have a voice comms that can be used by the pilot to communicate with passengers but it is a programmed voice.

This simulator game rates you by giving you the feed back of passengers based on your performance and don’t get discouraged for if you are new to simulator games,you might fail times without numbers in the first level of this game,and the major cause of failure is just during landing.

Tips on how to get higher percentages and good comments from passengers on pilot simulator 3D after flight;

I have played this game times without numbers and I am proud to say that I am now a professional in it.However,it took me three nights to fully know how to play this game and I believe that it won’t be very difficult for you to play;

  • Seat belt light indicator: Before take off or even before starting the plane engine switch on the passenger seat belt light indicator then after take off,you can then switch it off once you attain 1000ft but don’t forget to put it off or else your passengers won’t be able to move and will cause a discomfort during flight for the passengers which will reduce your flight score percentage and discouraging comments from the passengers.You have to be considerate while flying.

Airplane pilot simulator 3D

  • Voice comms: Use this instrument before taking off or better still when it is on ground,during flight  before landing and after landing.This instrument is used by the pilot, which will be you to communicate with the passengers about the details of the flight,before during and after flight and to give weather details.But it is a programmed voice which means that you will not be the one speaking directly to the passengers but still you need to use it in order to prevent angry comments from the passengers.
  • Landing gears: This instrument is used while on ground to take off and while arriving at destinations to land.This instrument must be not be left outside of its box during flight and must be brought out before landing.This is essential because leaving the gear outside it’s  box during flight will reduce the speed of the plane.
  • Yawing/Banking: This largely works among with the way you tilt your phone.make sure you turn on the seat belt light indicator for passengers when you want to make a very large turning.

Game requirements :

  • Android phone running on 2.3 and above
  • 200 MB data space
  • Rated for 3+


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It might also interest you to know it comes with an help menu that you can use to understand the use of the flight instruments on the plane. interestingly, you can download Airplane pilot simulator 3D on playstore. well i do hope you enjoy the vibes of flying.

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