Download Tecno Stock roms ( 7H, 8B, Camon C9, C5, H5 et al ) full list

Are you using Tecno D1 ?? H3 or even F5, Oh maybe yours is even the oldest of all tecno phones ?? then here comes the links to download Tecno Stock roms and official firmware, comprising of both the oldest ones from the company and as well the newly released ones

In case you are the type that loves tweaking your phones, you might want to consider downloading the one that suite your phone from the listed below official tecno stock roms, and of course if you happened to have bricked your tecno phone, then this page is also for you..

If you have been following us, you will understand that we always provide you with various stocks roms, not excluding customs ones, and of course you may refer to our archive on roms,

However i need to point out that you need to be familiar with how to flash stock roms with SP Flash tools so as to avoid wasting your time trying to do what you can’t.. without any further ado

Here is the list of links to download Tecno Stock roms and firmware ( 7H, 8B, Camon C9, C5, H5 et al )

download Tecno Stock roms

Download Tecno Stock roms ( 7H, 8B, Camon C9, C5, H5 et al ) full list

Download Tecno Stock roms & Full list

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Tecno C5 stock rom

Download Tecno C5 Stock ROM

Tecno C8 stock rom
Download Tecno C8 Stock ROM

Tecno D1 Variant 1 stock rom
Download Tecno D1 Variant 1 Stock ROM

Tecno D1 Variant 2 stock rom
Download Tecno D1 Variant 2 Stock ROM

Tecno D3 stock rom 
Download Tecno D3 Stock ROM

Tecno D5 variant 1 stock rom
Download Tecno D5 variant 1 Stock ROM

Tecno D5 variant 2 stock rom
Downlaod Tecno D5 variant 2 Stock ROM

Tecno D7 stock rom
Download Tecno D7 Stock ROM 

Tecno D9 stock rom
Download Tecno D9 Stock ROM

Tecno F5 stock rom
Download Tecno F5 Stock ROM
Tecno F6 stock rom
Download Tecno F6 Stock ROM 

Download Tecno phone stock rom part 2

Tecno H5 New OS stock rom
Download Tecno H5 New OS Stock ROM 

Tecno H6 stock rom
Download Tecn H6 Stock ROM

Tecno H7 (MTK Backup) stock rom
Download Tecno H7 Stock ROM

Tecno H7 Plus stock rom
Download Tecno H7 Plus Stock ROM

Tecno H7S stock rom
Download Tecno H7S Stock ROM

Tecno J5 stock rom
Download Tecno J5 Stock ROM

Tecno J7 stock rom
Download Tecno J7 Stock ROM

Tecno L3 stock rom
Download Tecno L3 Stock ROM

Tecno L6 stock rom
Download Tecno L6Stock ROM 

Tecno L7 stock rom
Download Tecno L7 Stock ROM

Tecno L8 stock rom

Tecno M3 stock rom

Tecno M3S stock rom
Download Tecno M3S Stock ROM

Tecno M5 4.2 stock rom
Download Tecno M5 4.2 Stock ROM
Tecno M6 stock rom
Download Tecno M6 Stock ROM 

Tecno M6S stock rom
Download Tecno M6S Stock ROM

Tecno M7 stock rom
Download Tecno M7 Stock ROM 

Tecno M9 stock rom
Download Tecno M9 Stock ROM 

Tecno N3 stock rom
Downlaod Tecno N3 Stock ROM

Tecno N5S stock rom
Download Tecno N5S Stock ROM

Tecno N7
Download Tecno N7 Stock ROM7 

Tecno N8

Download Tecno N8 Stock ROM

Tecno N9
Download Tecno N9 Stock ROM

Tecno Phantom 5
Download Tecno Phantom 5 Stock ROM

Tecno Phantom 5S
Download Tecno Phantom 5S Stock ROM

Tecno PhonePad 7E

Tecno P3
Download Tecno P3 Stock ROM

Tecno P5

Tecno P5 Plus stock rom
Download Tecno P5 Plus Stock ROM

Tecno P6
Download Tecno P6 Stock ROM

Tecno P9 4.2
Downlaod Tecno P9 4.2 Stock ROM

Tecno P9 4.4 
Download Tecno P9 4.4 Stock ROM

Tecno Q1 4.0
Download Tecno Q1 4.0 Stock ROM

Tecno R5
Download Tecno R5 Stock ROM

Tecno R7
Download Tecno R7 Stock ROM

Tecno S3
Download Tecno S3  Stock ROM

Tecno S5
Download Tecno S5 Stock ROM

Tecno S7
Download Tecno S7 Stock ROM

Tecno S9
Download Tecno S9 Stock ROM

Tecno S9S
Download Tecno S9S Stock ROM

Tecno T34

Tecno T483

Tecno T535

Tecno T545

Tecno T560

Tecno T630

Tecno 630S

Tecno T635

Tecno T733

Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini
Download Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini Stock ROM

Tecno W3

Tecno W4

Tecno Y3 (MTK Backup)
Download Tecno Y3S Stock ROM

Tecno Y3S
Downlaod Tecno Y3S Stock ROM.

Tecno Y4 
Download Tecno Y4 Stock ROM

Tecno Y5
Download Tecno Y5 Stock ROM

Tecno Y5S
Downlaod Tecno Y5S Stock ROM

Tecno Y6 variant 1
Download Tecno Y6 variant 1 Stock ROM

Tecno Y6 variant 2
Download Tecno Y6 variant 2 Stock ROM

Finally, we have Team HOVATEK and a host of others to thank for this long list of links to download Tecno stock roms and of course You can also show your appreciation by sharing !!

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