Tweakware latest version 5.6 has been updated and working free with Glo & etisalat,Still wondering?? Join the train now and enjoy unlimited free browsing

Thank goodness!! Both etisalat and Glo browsing cheat are back, but this time you need to download Tweakware VPN V5.6 and follow the settings posted below, The developer has been performing great wonders with his VPN, recalled sometimes in January, he released version 4.7 that came with unlimited Airtel live browsing settings.

The last version was widely used by those Airtel folks to download large files, stream videos online and as well surf the net with a more stable browsing, As a matter of fact, Tweakware VPN has always got our back, right from the era of MTN free browsing till date, need i mention the number of versions that has been released since inception, Although my favorite remains xp psiphon, it came when we least expected, and took over from the famous psiphon handler..

Speaking of which, the latest tweakware V5.6 release comes with various bug fix and other incentives, of course we’ll look at the settings for both Glo and etisalat, and how to configure the free browsing cheat on your android, without any further delay, shall we move to the subject matter..

download Tweakware V5 6

Here’s The Glo & Etisalat Free browsing settings with Tweakware VPN v5.6

As expected, you’re to first kindly configure your phone APN settings to point to below, thereafter you may proceed to download the VPN and follow the settings below :

APN settings for Etisalat

  • APN:  etisalat
  • Proxy: leave it empty
  • Port: leave it empty

APN settings for Glo 

  • APN: glosecure
  • Proxy: clear everything to be empty
  • Port: clear everything to be empty
  • Username: secure
  • Password: secure 

As expected,download Tweakware V5.6 that’s your pass to both etisalat free browsing or Glo unlimited browsing ( You can refer here for link ) Then install and set it up as follows:

  1.  Now launch the app
  2.  Navigate to server menu, and select any of the free server, that’s if you aren’t premium user.( You can however bypass tweakware 200mb daily limit thou )
  3.  Now go to Tweaks then select “Glo 0.0k” or “Etisalat 0.0k” ( Depending on the your proffered network )
  4.  Finally click Connect and wait few secs

When successfully connected, you can now launch any of your browsers or apps and start flexing.. However, you might want to take note of this, Glo is unlimited free browsing with tweakware v5.6 while Etisalat on the other hand is capped (60MB) Cheers!!

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