Facebook Gameroom Game(s) – How to download, Install & Play

You may have seen Gameroom and most likely do not know how what it does, those who are familiar with it, do not know how to download or play Facebook Gameroom games on pc with it. of course the it is developed based on Windows app that allows you play without the need to log-in your Facebook accounts.

There’re other several addictive Facebook web games available for pc users, including Candy Crush, Farmvile among others, of course this games requires you to remain signed in to your account on PC, while other Facebook notifications and news feeds still runs in background.

Interestingly, with the Gameroom Facebook app users can now choose and play from the many available games without being disturbed by Facebook notifications or Newsfeed, sounds cool right, well let’s see how you can download, Install and as well play

Download ( How to Install & Play ) Facebook Gameroom Games 

The first thing you need to do before you be chanced to play Gameroom games is to log-in your Facebook account, preferably the web version on your Windows 7 computer and above. Thereafter, visit the Facebook official Gameroom page, and click on Free install to download.

Facebook Gameroom Games

I want to believe by now you have downloaded the app, now run and install, you have nothing to worry about, Gameroom app is way too light so your computer won’t even notice. Now To play Facebook Gameroom games, launch the app you just installed. of course it requires an internet connection in other to synchronize all your previously played games on Facebook, not to forget your saved levels and rewards.

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Another brilliant feature of the app is that, it allows you to easily select from a list of new games by simply clicking on the categories tab. There are several of them to choose from, including arcade, adventures, shooting, puzzles, racing, etc…as expected to play facebook gameroom games, you would be requested to grant permission to continue, once that’s done, the game will be downloaded freely

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  • After I hit Run in the install process mine just constantly says connecting and never goes any further than that. I have literally let it go on for hours and it never moves past that part.

  • I have followed all directions,, the download button doesn’t do anything,,,, its not lit up like most so what does that mean,,,,,,just can’t get it to download,,,

  • why can’t I install this,,, the install button is not lite up and won’t download,, please someone help,,,,,

  • how do you uninstall the app? Also, now it seems those of us who have installed it are forced to play the games on Gameroom. Have you found that to be true for you?

    • You can uninstall the same way you would remove any app from you pc

      Go to system manager, and locate Gameroom, then click uninstall.. However since you have it installed, Facebook automatically allow you play your games using the app environment than the usual facebook