Easiest Step to Fix APP Not Installed Without Root On Android

If you are an android user,and you eventually come across App Not Installed error on your phone while downloading an application.Thou, it might come at the wrong time, probably when you try to install an
application on your phone. But not too worry, we will be looking at how to fix app not installed without root on Android device

Why you are getting the Not Installed Error on your device

Low Storage Space: when your storage device is filled up, incoming applications will not be installed. Invalid app signature: There is a designated signed certificate for every device,installing the same app with a different signature
will result in an error.

  • App compatibility with Android Version – There are some applications on the internet which are only meant to work on some Android versions. Installing these applications on newer android versions will show error.
  • Corrupt Storage – Another area to watch out for is your storage, If your phone or SD card is corrupted, you will not be able to install applications on it.
  • Corrupt apk file – Oftentimes this can be caused by corrupt apps downloaded from third party ites, some of this full or hacked version of software comes with one or two hidden codes, trying to install them might also bring out the error.

how to Fix App Not Installed Without Root on Android

How to Fix APP Not Installed On Android

  • The first thing you should consider doing is to perform a hard phone restart, when such error occurs. Remove the battery, SIM, including SD card, then insert again and reboot your phone.
  • If the cause of the error as to do with corrupt SD card, Then all you need do is to format or replace SD card.
  • Prevention, they say is better than cure, You might want to consider Installing applications directly from Playstore, Third party apks files can be risky.
  • If you’ve recently changed the default app installation locations, you might want to consider changing it back to automatic and let system decide in situation where storage space has been used up.
  • Also. if phone storage has been used up, uninstall irrelevant apps and deleting junk files would go along way saving you
  • Likewise, Check to ensure support for unknown sources.installation is enabled, Go to settings and allow installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • If after trying all this, but still nothing, you should then result to hard reset and restore factory settings (NOTE : back-up all files )

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Still not solved, despite following all these steps trying to fix your app not installed error, then kindly leave a comment!!!

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