The HTC 11 may be coming March 20th, here’s what we know

Our wonderful smart phone e producing company HTC is about to launch a new phone of its kind, code named HTC 11 by March 20th,although there have being rumors that there is not going to be any release from HTC (from other source) but from the image that was posted on their Taiwan Facebook page it says “Spring is coming” which means that they may give an unexpected surprise.

The HTC 11 full specifications have not yet being announced but by March 20th we would get their update and see the new flagship phone.This H.11 on like HTC 10 will have some higher features that will make it a hit.

When this product is to be released,it price should be around $900, and I guess that this is the main reason why it was written on their Taiwan Facebook page that they would surprise us.This H.11 is way more cheaper that what we would have expected because it’s price is affordable. The HTC spring will be launched as soon as the  latest mobile CPU technologies is available.

HTC 11 Specs

 Specifications to be expected from HTC 11;

  • Better camera: HTC 10 have a better camera of 15mp and seems more fabulous. Then we expect more of this on the new release.
  • New design : this have being the aspect of great competition between phone manufacturers based on the design.The older version of the HTC have almost similar design which have reduced consumers interest in the phone market.
  • Unique accessories : accessories like wireless headphones and VR headset could be introduced in order to capture the interest of the consumers
  • 5.5 inch screen display: we expect more than this screen display however if this is what is out then it is still okay since it is now an industry size value which is even bigger than the HTC 10 with this 5.5”, you can enjoy viewing movies,watching favorite shows as well as playing games.

On a final note.We may have to wait till the release date slated for 20th of March, to get more information regarding HTC 11, but till then, you can keep checking for updates

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