I.con Sex wearable gadget can track your performance, detect STis , and count the number of times you go

The I.con Smart Condom is here to prove to you that tech is all encompassing, the world first smart condom is a Sex wearable gadget that’s said to be able to track your performance, not alone track but also judge you, well I hope you know smartphones are not the only techy gadgets around, still doubting ?? then read on..

According to report, I.con is liken to a ring that fits over the usual condom, and record the number of thrusts you make, the calories burnt per round of sex, and as well the size of your dick, not alone does it just track, it is said to also detect STis such as chlamydia and syphilis.Sound interesting ?? read on…

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World’s first smart condom

I.con, was sometimes last July announced, although it is yet to officially launched, and of course the release date is also yet to be announced but the company has put up the smart condom for pre order on British Condoms while it await the release date before payment can be made, i know you want to ask how possible it is for the ring to detect STis, well the company said it deigned I.con to work with an app in other for you to retrieve information

What I.con ring will track

  • Your thrust velocity
  • How fast your thrusts are
  • The numbers of calories you burn
  • Number of times you had sex
  • The average skin temperature of your… eggplant
  • Your girth
  • The number of different positions you performed

Other things you need to know about the World first smart condom

Aside from the ring being able to detect STis, it is also believed to be “super lightweight ” in other words, you wont even notice you had the ring on, interestingly, you can also adjust to fit right into any penis size, and as well can share your performance results

In case you worried about privacy, the Smart ring maker, British Condoms as assured “all data will be kept anonymous, but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends online, or preferably the world.”

Oh need i mention the I.con price ?? well according to British condom page, the ring is expected to retail for about for £59.99 (about $74, AU$97) expected to come with a one-year warranty, a Micro-USB charging port to provide six to eight hours of “live” usage ( What the company however meant by live usage remains unclear ) but we won’t be wrong to liken it to battery life or so.. over to you friends, are you getting one??

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