Seen the soon to be released Tecno PhonePad ?? Here’s what we know about the device so far

Next Tecno PhonePAD leak specs

The new TECNO PhonePad release date is potentially some weeks away, and so there are no shortage of rumours and leaks. Here’s what we know about TECNO’s next Phablet flagship, including the PhonePad 3 release date, specs and features.

Latest TECNO PhonePad 3News and Rumours

It’ll come as no surprise to those familiar with PhonePad release cycles about the unconventional features that graces every TECNO Phone+ Tab releases and in the case of the new PhonePad 3 the case is not different. It is rumoured that the new Phablet will be launched at a glamorous event later this month but many pundits say TECNO may decide to launch the device during the Easter festive season.

There’s plenty of new PhonePad 3 talking points, though. For instance, it’s expected that we’ll see the most beautiful Phablet yet, which was carefully designed to suitany lifestyle

However, we’re already hearing talk of TECNO PhonePad 3 specs, with rumoured features including 7-inch HD IPS display processor and a Much slimmer higher screen-to-body ratio. As this leaked photo demonstrates, it’s obvious that the TECNO new PhonePad 3 will flaunt some of 2017’s latest and greatest mobile hardware, but TECNO is keeping a tight lid on details (for now anyway).

But, let’s talk about all we know so far about the new device


An in-house source revealed to us that TECNO wants to ditch the placement of the finger print security scanner, which is regularly placed at the back of most device but place it at a place that is seamlessly accessible. With the images, we have seen so far, I am guessing it could be placed at the side of the device (close to where thevolume bottom is).

We’ve also heard some rumours that the PhonePad may have significantly higher screen resolution than any other PhonePad right now. It’s obvious that TECNO wants to go all out on this Phablet (design wise).



TECNO’s flagship smartphones have impressed in the camera department in recent years. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are moving that feat to the PhonePad sector. The TECNO PhonePad 3 camera is rumoured to be better than even the IPhone 6. If the rumours are true, the PhonePad 3 will flaunt an amazing 13MP rear and 5MP front camera with triple LED flashes which on a normal day is supposed to take wonderful photos. If this is true, then a lot of camera focused phones would have a lot to do, because a Phablet is coming to take their spot.


This is a very important part of every smartphone offering because, what use are the amazing features without enough juice to enjoy them? This device will surely have a huge battery capacity- this I know for sure. How? It’s simple, TECNO always gives its users enough juice to enjoy their smartphone features, so I wouldn’t expect less when this phablet is finally released. With the stories making the rounds, the device stomachs an enormous battery capacity, although we are not sure of the size now but it wouldn’t be anything less than 4000mAh (I am totally certain).

Since the launch isn’t too far anymore, all we need to do right now, is wait and see what TECNO has in store for this device.

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