Meet Samsung’s Hybrid Pocket Concept Smart Analog Watch

Samsung finally decided to introduce its first ever hybrid pocket watch, The company however hasn’t decided if it would release the gadget to market since its still a concept, believed to be an upgrade to its Gear S3

If you haven’t forgotten, Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S8 anytime soon, recalled Evans Bliss sometimes this week leaked more information about the phone, including price, color and as well image. Although there hasn’t been much details about the device, but trust Samsung to ditch out the best, you might be wondering what makes it an hybrid, well. just like every other pocket watches around

The latest Hybrid Pocket Concept from Samsung features a lid like cover that flips wide open, greeting you with its digital watch round like display, also when the lid is closed, you’d notice a transparent area showing part of the digital watch face

Samsung’s Hybrid pocket concept

Interestingly, it comes with some set of mechanical watch that can be used while running on low battery power, and of course you can also recharge the battery and as well connect the watch with your phone to receive notifications.

Another interesting feature of the Hybrid pocket smartwatch worth mentioning is that, it notifies you each time your phone receive any notification, but instead of having to pop out your phone, you can simply go through the notifications on the watch, but then this won’t be the first to work in this regard

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Also, it’s most likely to see the same Tizen-based software used on other Samsung’s recent smart watches, but not to forget, we might not be seeing this anytime soon, but hopefully, we should be receiving more information regarding the Gear

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