How to See Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile With ease

Am sure those dp stuckers won’t like this update, Now you can easily know who viewed your WhatsApp profile with ease on your android phone

Thanks to Whatsapp tracker for releasing this wonderful application that allow users to see who that fellow is, especially the one that kept his/her eyes glue to your Whatsapp profile, sound interesting?? chill and follow the trick

How to known who Viewed my WhatsApp Profile

Unless we want to deceive ourselves, Mark is yet to include any feature or settings on WhatsApp that perform this task, but WhatsApp Tracker, not just see who viewed your whatsapp profile, but also provides the person full identity

Information including name, phone number and as well went further to furniture you with their exact location on map, isn’t that cool?? Without further mincing words, here’s how the trick works

How to see who viewed your WhatsApp Profile

1. As expected, You need to download and install Whats Tracker app apk
2. Once installed, launch. and take note of this three available options in Whats Tracker window ( “Contacts, Visited & Visitor”)

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Contact: With this you can check or view all contact saved on your Android phone.
Visited: Here you quickly checkout any of your WhatsApp contact whose profile you visited.
Visitors: With this you can know who check your WhatsApp profile.

whatsapp - who viewed me ?

Is my phone supported ?

You need not to worry, Whatsapp Tracker, is light, with about 8.95mb size, and can be installed on any Android device running 4.1 above

Disappointingly, there’s limit to information served, however with WhatsApp tracker pro, you can see exact location of your profile stuckers even without using GPS. Not just that, but also trace location, call, send messages to the line either from WhatsApp or the usual sms

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It also offers other interesting features such as delivery daily contact updates as against the weekly updates on the free version.

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