Still own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ? The Next Update will finally disable It

If you have been following the Galaxy Note 7 update, you would recall the smartphone giant was faced with series of criticism due to its Fire-Prone issue last year, as of January, about 96 percent of the device sold, was returned to the company following its disappointing start of what was expected to change the smartphone market forcing Samsung to eventually shut down production of the device

Late last year, the company announced that all Galaxy Note 7 units sold in Europe (US ) yet to be returned by users would be remotely disable via an update, of course this was done in a bid to ensure does with the phone eventually returns them, but seems some die hard fan won’t just yield to the out cry

Well, for those that are still having the Galaxy Note 7 for some reason or the other, this might be a great opportunity to return it., yohnap {a Korean news site) made it known that Samsung has finally settled to roll out a software update in korea by the end of the month that will permanently stop the phone’s battery from charging, evetually rendering it useless

galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You would recalled, that Samsung sometimes last year partnered with US wireless carriers to stop Note 7 devices in the United States a few month ago. It seems Samsung will finally follow take same action in its home country. following its yet to be released Flagship smartphones preparing to be unveiled next week.

However, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are expected to have bigger screens, slim bezels, and new processors.Unfortunately, S-Pen stylus wont be included, thou it typically comes with a Galaxy Note smartphone,

Thou Samsung may still unveil a Note 8 later this year. but it wont be surprising if Samsung decided to change the name in other to disassociate upcoming products from last year’s disastrous Note 7

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