How to stream Netflix Video in Firefox on Linux OS

Now you can seamlessly watch/stream Netflix with Firefox on your computer running Linux Operating system without the need to install Google’s Chrome web browser. Sound cool right??

After several years of struggling to get past the Chrome addiction, Netflix finally announced that users can now use the streaming video service on Computers running Linux OS via Firefox web browser, which is the default browser for most Linux operating systems. Since it uses an HTML5 for streaming

Of course this makes things a lot more easier for Firefox users, as they can now forgo that extra browser installed simply because they intend to watch Netflix video on Linux, oh! another reason why you would enjoy using Mozilla, is the fact that, you no longer need those annoying plugins or turn yourself to a nerd, to get past the video playback

stream Netflix Video in Firefox on Linux OS

However, its yet to be fully supported thou, because it still hasn’t been made totally plugin-free, as Netflix playback on Firefox for Linux is yet to be fully included, as expected, Firefox has appealed to its users, to be patient, since its an open source web browser. But the encrypted media features just added into the browser comes with some closed source code.interestingly, users do not necessarily have to activate the feature if you won’t be using it

How to stream Netflix in Firefox on Linux OS.

  • Get your Linux Operating system ready
  • Upgrade your current Mozilla to the latest version
  • Log on to Netflix, and click on any of your favorite videos
  • Enable DRM and wait few secs ( First time only )

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Yes, there’s usually that which required to be fixed when trying something for the very first time, The first time you run Netflix in Firefox for Linux, it would require you enable DRM, simply click the button prompted to enable DRM and wait few seconds for all required files to be installed.

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