Finally, Super Mario Run for android release date revealed

Can you still remember a game that your mission was to save a queen, you work with a partner who is usually on green cloth while yours is red, taller than you (the player character) well if you do, just like the re born of Nokia 3310, the Super Mario Run will be available for Android users on playstore by March 23

You would recall we had earlier gave you a hint on how to pre register, of course the Super Mario Run has being in existence for years, but was recently brought into the mobile world, with a release made available for IOS users, while Android users were kept in the dark..

Sadly, a report from the WSJ confirmed that Nintendo wasn’t making much money as expected from the game, likely it appeared not to be living up to investors expectation. Unfortunately, Nintendo will not add any new levels to the game, and there would also be limitations to the amount of game levels you can play.

This is not just a new protocol, it was added prior to its release for IOS, which requires you to pay $10 to unlock all levels, that being said, some of the levels are free, making it one of the most downloaded game with over 10 million install on it’s first launch on the app store.

 The Super Mario Run comes with some upgraded features like;

  •  2D stages with 3D graphics,which will not seem too new for familiar players
  •  Mario can jump with just a single tap
  • Non-synchronous multi player races in the Toad Rally
  • Kingdom builders
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Yes, The game has finally been released and made aailable on Playstore as well as App Store, you can check above link for download on both Android and iOS

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