Twitter is testing its newly added anti harassment detector feature

Twitter is testing their newly added feature to their social media that detects any sensitive content from a user profile.This anti harassment feature newly added to twitter was first observed by one twitter user Ariel Bogle when he was about to view one technology analyst profile,he observed that when he clicked on his profile,a message was displayed “Caution: this profile contain potentially sensitive content” This could have happened to Justin Warren

The twitter anti harassment detector have triggered many and made them annoyed because of their profile is being labelled to contain sensitive content.In addiction, twitter also ban some users and have set up higher algorithms in order to prevent banned users from accessing back their account.

One of twitter spokesman confirmed that they are just test running this and that its yet to generally fixed for all accounts, but currently being activated for some, of course this is true because I haven’t seen any warning based on the sensitive contents of a twitter user profile that I view.

However,users can adjust this twitter anti harassment detector from their setting and choose whether their profile contain sensitive contents.Mean while, violence and nudity is still accepted by twitter and might not be considered as sensitive contents but it has limitations to the level of violence or nudity posts to be tweeted.

They also draw a line against tweeting pornography images or video, which means that if your profile contain any pornography stuffs,it will be labelled to contain sensitive contents.

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But for now what twitter team are doing is that they would remove the sensitive video or images permanently from your settings and if the same pattern is repeated by the user,then they will get banned from using Twitter and might not be able to recover account nor try to use another because they have now increased the level of their algorithms for thorough security.

In addiction to this anti harassment detector, user can report a statement,pictures,and videos that seem to contain sensitive contents, then twitter team would then review what is being reported and once they confirm that it is contains sensitive contents,the post would be  removed  permanently from twitter  but if not they would do nothing .

Twitter says that all this is just for the safety of people and to make their site contain less immoral contents but I think that they should have informed the world that they were going to test run their newly added feature instead of labeling users account to contain sensitive contents unaware. You can check Twitter Media Policy to know the conditions required


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