Ever got your android phone rooted with kingroot?? here’s how to safely unroot without fear of bricking your phone

I recalled several months ago, i could root virtually any android phone i lay my hands on,as a matter of fact, we published several articles to that regard, but then something changed, i installed Kingroot on one of my Android phone, unfortunately a system update was pushed via ota to patch some security flaws, i then became restless, bent on either ignore the update, or install and have my phone bricked, so i did some digging on how i could possibly unroot my android phone using kingroot since it was the same app used in the first place..

I know some of you won’t agree with this, of course, if you don’t intend to tweak your phone to the fullest, i recommend you ignore any form of rooting advice, but if you the type that knows exactly what he or she is doing, and wants to take total control of your android phone, then you can go ahead.

Just like my boss once shared, his case was very similar to mine, and of course i got the solution to kingroot unroot via his guide, in his words, he had recently unrooted one of his infinix hot note, simply because he wanted to perform a factory reset, yes, he thought he had gone away with, not until an update was pushed to the device, and got it bricked while attempting to install update, well we’re simply going to take a Que from his guide

How To Unroot Android Phone with Kingroot

As earlier stated, if the app wasn’t what you used to root, then this guide won’t work for you, but in case yours was done using Superuser, then here’s the best guide to unroot any android phone using SuperUser app

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==> Launch the latest version of Kingroot app (version 4.5.0107 beta3), tap on the settings gear which is located at the top right side of the page.

==> Under the settings page, tap on Root Authorization setting > Remove Root Permission > tap on Continue.

Credits : Techsng

==> A confirmation message shows up afterwards, tap on OK.

How To Unroot Android Phone with Kingroot

Credits : Techsng

==> Wait for a while and you should get a notification stating ‘Root as been removed‘. Wait a little longer and the kingroot app will automatically close.

==> Reboot your device and use the Root Checker Basic app in verifying root permission. At this point, you should get a notification saying ‘Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device

Credits : Techsng

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Yes!! You just performed a successful kingroot unroot on your android phone, Now you can go ahead to install any OTA update, but remember to confirm using Root Checker just as stated above.. Don’t just read, why not share and save a soul!!

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