No Airtime?? and you wish to send text or call, try Bluetooth comms

A new technique have being discovered on how to communicate via text without any cost being involved.That is you don’t need to login to your Facebook, Whatapp,Twitter e.t.c to engage with others. All this can be made possible with a software which I would like to call the Bluetooth comms.

The Bluetooth comms does not require any special application in order for it to function nor does it require any personal information about you or from any other source. The only limitations this B.comms has is that you won’t be able to communicate with the other party if you both are more than 100 metres away from each other because the wave length of the Bluetooth is just about that value.

Phone Requirements ;

  • Bluetooth software : already installed by default
  • Microsoft office: not necessarily need to be that, you can use other software that allows you to type documents, like Does Go to ,Notepad.Note: both sender and receiver must possess the app on their phone it does not necessarily need to be of the same type.Receiver could have Does Go to app while sender might have Microsoft office app, all still work the same.

Bluetooth comms

Setup process for Bluetooth comms on your phone ;

As stated earlier, this technique does not require any app to function and as a result makes it easier  to setup and use.This method can work in almost every phone that have a Bluetooth software installed on it, generally Bluetooth  usually come along with phones so no need to stress your self .However phones like iphones might not be able to use this service but in the later future, we would update you on that

  • Both party should turn on their Bluetooth (Sender and Receiver)
  • Pairing : after that,they should then pair each other via Bluetooth Note: both parties must not be far away from the Bluetooth wavelength.
  • Then the sender should launch the Does Go To app or any other relate one and then type in the information to be sent.
  • After that,save the file and then look for the share icon depending on the kind of app you are using and choose share via Bluetooth.
  • Now click on the party you want to send the information to
  • The Receiver should then click on the file received and open it via a document software like notepad.
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After reading you can clear that same message and send back your reply to the sender on the same page instead of creating another one.

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NOTE: this method can involve more that two parties depending on whom you choose to send your information to.i hope you enjoyed the Bluetooth comms super dope guide .. Why not spread the info by sharing!!

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