Facebook Messenger My Day Feature – How To download, Install & use

Mark has introduced another SnapChat like feature to the Messenger app, code name Facebook Messenger Day, it is almost similar to that of WhatsApp and Instagram, but with an increase in video recording limit, the image or video shared automatically disappears after 24 hour

Although the extra 5 sec added to Facebook Messenger’s Day might seem too small but with that little time you can do some other things like cracking more jokes and sending more information to the people you choose to share it with.

“We know that people come to Messenger to share everyday moments with friends and family. In Poland we are running a small test of new ways for people to share those updates visually. We have nothing more to announce at this time.”

Interestingly, you can share your whole day with all your friends, choose who to view your post and who not to. unlike what we have on Facebook with the ever usual three options for privacy including ;

  • Friends,
  • Public
  • Only me

Facebook already began rolling out the Messenger Day globally to all messenger users, unlike the Gmail video streaming feature that seems to have been released for some while other are still kept in the dark, all you need to do first is to update your messenger. once launched, you will get an information about the “DAY feature” and you will be shown a brief tutorial on what can be done on it. Having said this,to create a story

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Facebook messenger day

How can I create a story on Messenger

  • Tap on the camera icon that will enable you to take pictures and video then you can tap on the photo icon to upload the pictures taken in addiction, if you want to add text to the image click on the pallet icon then you can add your text.By tapping the small icon at the small button left of the screen, you can choose to upload pictures from your galleries.
  • After choosing the pictures you want to share, you will need to add effects to them to do this, click on the smiley face icon to add stickers which are subdivided into two filters Dress Up which enables you to add sticker like face cap to the pictures you choose to add effect to and Who’s Up For” click on the squiggly line icon to write on the post.
  • With all that accomplished you can now share you day by tapping on the arrow that will show up right at the bottom of the screen to select who is to view your post.

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how to use messenger day

How To Use Facebook Messenger My Day Feature

In order for you to choose who is to see your DAY Stories, you can edit that from the settings by tapping the sun icon following this settings arrangements ADD TO> MY DAY a then you are good to publish. Note that image or video that you share will only appear for 24 hours after that time of will disappear.

No doubt, with the Facebook Messenger my day, Mark seems to be set to compete massively with other chat app, don’t forget, the update is already available for download globally….

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