WhatsApp Returns Text Status Update on Andriod & IOS

Am sure we all missed the WhatsApp text status update that was recently replaced with Stories, recalled some weeks ago, the Company decided to test its cloned SnapChat Stories on Whatsapp, an update that allow users to use gif or pictures as status, well this didn’t end up as expected as most users cried out for the return of the old text status

Of course, we all seems to love the era of being able to type whats on your mind and save as status, but Stories took all that away, it appeared we weren’t the only one who felt the stories should have been allowed to retain the text feature as well, but naa

Well, The Company finally decided to bring back the good old days, after receiving so much backlash from its users, although the new WhatsApp update still retains both video and picture status feature, but also include the text status update as well, something they could have done earlier

Disappointingly for iOS users, The update is currently available for Android and can be downloaded on Playstore, While the iOS version will sure be dropping soon. As soon as you update your to the latest WhatsApp version, you will notice the very last text update you save, with the ancient Older options like ‘Available, Busy, At school, Can’t talk, WhatsApp only’ all back.

How to Use WhatsApp Text Status Update

  • First, you need to update your WhatsApp application
  • Once the above has been certified, Lunch and go to settings.
  • Click on your profile name or photo.
  • Under the About and phone number section you’ll see your last status update just the way you left it,.
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WhatsApp Text Status Update

  • Tap on it to change or choose a new status from the listed ones

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Yes, we need to celebrate, now that our darling WhatsApp Text update status has been restored, what next?? i guess the ability to save Instagram live videos is the next line to visit.

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