Double your iPhone’s charging speed with this 4 proven steps

Do you have to wait several hours to get your device fully charged? what if I tell you there’s a way to double your iPhone Charging Speed. want to know how? If so, then this article is for you

Today I will be revealing 4 best and easy steps to fast charge your iPhone and always keep your device battery bar in the green. The smallest of things can save you that precious time

Reducing your phone screen backlight and completely switching off your iPhone‘s Wi-Fi connection, these simple tips can easily double your phone charging speed. Without any further delay, can we go straight to these tips?

How to double iPhone Charging Speed

1. Activate flight mode

The first and cost-free step you need to take is to activate your phone flight mode while charging. this ensures that your phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi or mobile networks

by so doing, your battery usage decrease allowing your device to charge even faster. You can quickly turn this on from your phone’s settings menu, or by simply swiping up from the bottom of your home screen.

2. Turn on low-power mode

Another working step is to activate low power saving mode, go to your phone battery option under the settings menu, then turn on the low saving mode and your screen’s energy consumption will decrease drastically.

This literally turn off any running background applications drowning the power out of your iPhone, shutting down such apps then allow the phone store up power more quickly

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How to double iPhone charging speed

3. Turn off push notifications

You don’t want to activate the flight mode, neither do you enjoy the low power mode, then another way to get your phone charged faster is to ensure all Push notifications are turned off

Those little icons and messages your phone displays whenever you get a text or an update needs to be shut down, not forever thou, but for the time being, while your phone charges

Turning them off while you plugged in your device helps keep the power consumption to its dearest minimum, preventing your phone screen from lightening up every time an MSG comes in.

4. Use an original charger

no much sermon needs to be preached here, we bought know that using an original charger or more powerful charger allows your phone fully-juiced in lesser time.

Using an iPad charger to power your iPhone will increasingly boost your battery charging speed since iPad’s have higher power output than iPhone’s

However, this might put extra strain on your phone’s battery, risking longer-term damage. so I suggest you use with care or better still, apply those first 3 steps.

Thanks to for these awesome tips, they, however, acknowledged Business Insider for revealing the tips on how to double iPhone battery Charging speed in five minutes.

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