Fix iPhone Camera problems using this simple method

Ever had to restart your iPhone while trying to make use of the camera? Oh it either went blank or freeze anytime you try to switch between the front and back camera. or maybe yours flash won’t just come up no matter what you do, if so, then you’re on the right page, the steps am about to reveal to you should help you resolve any of the related iPhone camera problems as long as it isnt hardware related

Of course several factors may be responsible, that’s why you need to try out other camera apps to determine the cause, sometimes, it could be a minor glitch with inbuilt shooter, Well, troubleshoot by making a video call via FaceTime or any other video calling app, the purpose of this is to be sure the problem as nothing to do with your iPhone camera not working, If your camera works during the video call, then it sure really is minor, and you should try the steps out to fix it, but if it doesn’t, you might want to consider contacting Apple Support Center for a fix

iPhone camera problems

Fix iPhone Camera Freezes or shows blank screen :

Step 1 : Close the camera app – Tap Home button twice, search for Camera app, and slide up

Step 2 – if first steps above failed, Then Restart your phone

Step 3 – Restore to default settings –  Having tried both methods, but still no luck, then Go to Settings>Reset>Reset All Settings. This should fix it, but if it doesn’t

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Step 4 : Finally, all above steps seems not to have fix your iPhone camera problem, then you need to Factory reset, Go to Settings>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. * Note this would wipe clean all content and saved settings, only result to this as last option.

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By now you should, be enjoying your phone, but in case your Camera works fine, but flash won’t turn on, then try this

1. Remove the iPhone’s case.
2. Ensure flash isnt obstructed by any means
3. Check the lightning bolt in the upper left corner to see if the flash is on.
4. Hold down Power and Home buttons together to restart the iPhone.
5. Go to Control Center and Switch on the flashlight
6. Lastly, Go to Settings>Privacy> Location Services and turn off the Camera app indicator

Despite following all steps above, It still doesn’t fix the iPhone Camera Problems, then share via comment..

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