4 Tips to Forward text messages as emails on iphone & iPad

Wondering how you can possibly save yourself the stress and quickly forward text messages or IMessages as emails without copying and pasting on your iPhone or iPad, Then here’s is the simplest guide on how to go about it and get the job done

Interestingly, you can also send iMessages, videos, images and GIFs as emails, and as well forward multiple messages by simply select all the messages you intend to forward, Then you should notice all selected msg being marked blue in the small circle beside the messages.  without further mincing words, here’s how to go about it

How to forward messages as emails on iphone

1. Go to Messages and open the conversation you intend to forward.
2. Double-tap on the message. A pop-up, listing options like More and Copy.should appear
3. Each message should have a small circle beside it

Note:  The message you selected will have be marked in blue

4. Navigate to the lower right corner of the screen and tap on the Forward arrow.

It should open a new window with only your selected messages. Finally, enter the email address you want to forward the messages to. and zoom!! you’re done.. need i mention text messages forwarded to multiple contacts on iMessage automatically changes to group conversation.

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