How to vote your favorite BBNaija housemate via sms or wechat

Don.t miss the opportunity to vote your favorite Big Brother Naija Housemate ( BBNaija ), want to know how to vote Tboss, or Efe, via SMS or WeChat app. Then here’s how to do so, I will be showing you the steps to ensure your favorite housemate wins

You’ll agree with me that things are really on the high side now, considering the show is gradually coming to an end, as expected, come Sunday 9th of April, 2017, the winner of 2017 BBNaija will be crowned, interestingly, your votes are needed, don’t just seat at home grumbling the winner was rigged, The only surest way to ensure that your favorite contestant wins is by voting.

how to vote for efe on BBNaija


  • TBoss (from Edo State)
  • Bisola (from Bayelsa)
  • Efe (From Delta State)
  • Marvis (from Rivers State)
  • Debbie Rise (from Ogun State)

Don.t be carried away, despite the number, only 1 is going home with the grand price, yes!! 25 Million Naira price to be precise, But do you know your favorite contestant can be the lucky winner if you take the neccessary action, well without any further ado, Shall we go staright to how you can Vote for your favorite BIG BROTHER Niaja Housemates

How to vote for Efe, Tboss or Bisola Via SMS

Simply text the name to 32052. ensure the word “Vote” is included followed by your favorite contestants “Name”. kindly follow the format below

“Vote Geeksng” send it to 32052. ( Ensure you replace “Geeksng” with any of the contestant’s name ). Cheers! ?

How to vote via WEChat 

  • Step 1: Download WeChat App here
  • Step 2: Install and Launch, Then log in.
  • Step 3: Add User WeChat ID: africaMagictv as a contact.
  • Step 4: From ID: africaMagictv, select VOTE.

You will be prompted to validate your phone number, If it hasn’t been registered with africaMagictv on WeChat, But if you already have, then ignore

Step 5: Now Input your phone number with international code, example +2341 222 88888
You will receive a unique one time pin code via SMS.
Step 6: Enter the code in the WeChat keyboard and proceed to vote

Note:  A limit of 100 votes on WeChat per voting period!

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