Meet Facebook M Assistant, The artificial intelligent for Messenger

The Facebook M assistant is another impressive feature added to Messenger, The artificial intelligent assistant for Messenger will help users interact quickly while chatting with friends or contacts on Facebook Messenger, recalled sometimes in 2015, Facebook head of Messenger, David Marcus announced the company plans to include assistant into its app

According to him, he said the assistant would be “powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people.” Although M has been worked on for a while, but currently being rolled out for Android and iOS users in US, expected to hit other users soon, that being said, the Facebook M for messenger is also yet to be available for PC.

You might be wondering how Facebook M assistant works, well The Facebook Messenger Al pops out when it notice you’re discussing about something that fits right with any of its functions, thereby offering relevant suggestions like stickers, payments, rides and as well reminder for appointments or meeting time.

Facebook M Assistant

6 things Facebook M Assistant for messenger can do

– Suggest stickers to drop into chat

– prompt option to send or request money.

– Suggest you share location with the fellow you’re chatting with.

– Gives you scheduling options to create appointments or meeting time

– Start a poll in a group chat.

– Suggests a Lyft or Uber ride.

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Interestingly, you can decide to mute the M assistant from bugging your chat with suggestions, while users in this part of world wait the update, it is however expected to roll out later in April after, need i mention the move by Facebook would no dount be met with great competition, considering the likes of Apple and Microsoft already gained so much mememtum in the industry. siri of course works flawlessly for iOS, while Cortana on the other hand has been rocking the Windows platform, not to forget the newly launched bixby by Samsung

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