Use Twitter Lite to get rid of slow internet connections

Twitter has launched a more suitable mobile lite version of its platform to further reduce data consumption and as well increase load time, Twitter Lite was conceive in a bid to proffer solution to users with poor/unstable and unreliable network coverage, as well as those with slow internet connection

According to Twitter, the lite version of its web platform can only be access via a mobile browser such as Google Chrome and other android default browsers

“We are working hard to bring more exciting updates to Twitter Lite for people worldwide and to develop more partnerships in emerging markets to make it useful,” Twitter said in a blog post.

Interestingly, Twitter lite is said to be well optimized for super speed, producing up to 30 percent faster load time compared to the standard app or mobile version, not only does it loads faster, it also comes with data saver mode, allowing users to preview images and videos before downloading

Here’s why you should Use Twitter lite

  1. Comes with data saver mode
  2. Gives about 30% increase in load time
  3. Suitable for slower connections
  4. Can be used even with the most annoying internet connections
  5. Easy to navigate
  6. takes up less than 1 MB on the phone

We all know how expensive data is in this part of the world, and you just don’t want to use up the little on your device checking and replying tweets, with this new lite version, not only will you be saving data, you’re also saving some space on your phone, well, without mincing words, lets take a look at few of its features

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Twitter lite mobile app features

Using the lite version, users can still enjoy virtually all its web features such as Timeline, tweets, Direct messages, profiles, media uploads and notifications. You can as well get push notifications, and also add the lite icon to your phone home screen for instant access .

How to use the lite version 

Users can simply access Twitter Lite by visiting on their mobile web browsers, Such as Chrome or Firefox

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