Top 3 Best alternatives To For Downloading Free MP3 Music Online

If you have been looking for the best alternatives website for downloading free MP3 Songs online since the popular has been shut down due to some law suite filled against it, then you are just in the right page

Recalled sometimes last year Universal and Sony filled a law suite against the popular Music downloading site MP3Skull which went badly for the officials

3 Best alternatives To For Downloading Free MP3 Songs

The story didn’t just end there, they were also fined a huge sum of $22 million, as well compelled to turn over the domain name

Yes, the news came as a shock to many, especially users who has turned a die hard fan of downloading mostly free music from

Top 3 Alternatives For Downloading Free MP3 Songs and Albums

I know how sad it will be for the producers and all the people in the industry, all the time and dedication they have distributed for free. In this present era we are, piracy can only be reduced but cannot be stop.

Many people will prefer to stay in their residence and download latest movies and song from others website rather than to go to cinema to see a movie.

Fortunately, there are legal music services like Spotify, Pandora, Tecno Boom that will reduces piracy to an extent. Nevertheless,  it does not stop people from downloading mp3 songs and albums from others free websites. If you are a fan of MP3Skull, there are alternatives website for you to download songs.

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Although, MP3Skull can now be access in different ways like,, here are other alternatives:

  • (now

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Although there are several others, kindly managed the above 3 alternatives to MP3Skull.

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