How To Check FCMB Account Balance Using Your Mobile Phone

Do you own a bank account with FCMB and you usually get frustrated having to go to the bank just to check your account balance, well don’t feel bad because in this article, you will be learning  How to check FCMB Account Balance using your mobile phone. 

Isn’t this amazing so you wont have to go and take a long cue at the FCMB bank just to check your bank account balance and you don’t need to waste any transport fair anymore because FCMB have just solved that problem for you and that can be within your reach by just using your mobile phone.

How to check your account balance on FCMB using your mobile phone

All that you need is to dial the FCMB USSD code on your mobile device,in order for you to check your account balance on FCMB using your mobile phone,you just need to dial the USSD code which is  *322*214*0# then your FCMB bank account details and information will appear on your phone screen

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Keep this in mind that if you are dialing the USSD code on another number different from the one that you used to register your FCMB bank account then you are not likely to get any details because the number is not registered to your bank account.

So in order for you to check your account balance on FCMB using your mobile phone, the number that you are to dial the USSD code on must be the one registered to the bank account that you want to check your account information.

Interestingly, this code works on all mobile phones as long as your are dialing the USSD CODE from a registered line linked to the account you want to check

Now you must be jumping on your feet already because all the bank stress have being reduced, so enjoy the service and don’t forget to share this article with your friends in order to reduce the stress that they may also experience..

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