Considering buying a desktop computer ? You should get a laptop instead

A laptop as we all know, is an electronic device that can be used to access information, send information. save data , and as well also runs several thousands of application

Considering how vast things are changing, you might want to dish that big and huge desktop computer for a laptop, although Desktop Computers as its own advantages, but having a laptop on the other hand will be of great use and importance

Aside from it being easily accessible,it also reduce cost and the struggle power supply, working on a laptop will also give you more working time without having to trouble yourself even when there is no light, and more also it very easy to carry in other words, handy..

You don’t want to go to your office carrying a no power desktop around, but with a laptop, you can walk in like a boss..

Cost wise, to get a laptop in most cases is not as expensive as getting a brand new one, of course you can get a fairly used one at an affordable price

laptop and not Desktop Computer


  • Microsoft word: used for typing document
  • Corel draw: used for designing card and others

Reasons why you should go for a laptop and not Desktop Computer

  1. It very portable
  2. Its chargeable, and the battery can take you up for 4 hours or more
  3. It reduce cost
  4. Makes works more easier
  5. You will get things clearer than it appear on mobile device
  6. Can be used to run most heavy games

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In conclusion, you sure don’t want to keep a laptop without an internet connection, so in my next article i will be writing on 3 cheapest internet subscription plan you can go for in Nigeria.. You sure don’t want to miss it..

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