Download Playmobil Ghostbusters game for your kids, see how to install

Are you looking for a kid-friendly android game, then Playmobil Ghostbusters game is your best bet, the game is one of several movies based games around, and for the benefit of those who want to know how to download, install or play, here you have it

Although there’re thousand of movie games online, like the Walking dead, GOT among others, but the Ghostbusters game is most suitable for children. considering its simplicity with no much violence, however the adults can also download and play too

What then is it all about, well here’s a quick summary “A blackout has caused a mechanical failure in the containment unit. All captured ghosts have been set free! Grab your proton pack and catch as many as you can. ..” 

Playmobil Ghostbusters game is developed by geobra Brandstatter Stiftung & Co. KG. based on the 2016 Ghostbusters movie reboot. the game features all four titular characters seen in the movie, with an added character.

The major objective of the game is to arrest as many ghosts as possible, interestingly, it comes with a very simple and easy to navigate mode which allows users to move left, right, front, back and shoot your proton pack

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You have to catch the ghosts, imprison them in containment units. However, you need to ensure your right eyes stays glued to the timer, because the instant the time runs out, you have more more ghosts to worry about

Interestingly, you can also upgrade your equipment, add more skills and and becomes a Ghostbustin’ master, as a matter of fact, there’s more to this game than my little review here, why not head straight to Google Playstore to download Playmobil Ghostbusters game

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