Download WanaKiwi Tool For Ransomware Decryption Fix

Is your computer among those attacked by WanaCry malware, If so, you should consider downloading WanaKiwi tool ASAP! to Decrypt your data that was encrypted as a result of Ransomware attack

Well, if you are reading about this for the first time, i suggest you thank your God, Ransomeware, otherwise known as WanaCry was discovered just last Friday and has affected over 300,000 computers in about 150 nations since then

WanaKiwi Tool For Ransomware Decryption Fix

How does it work ? WanaCry target mostly computers running Microsoft Windows operating system, and of course once your pc is infected, ransomware then encrypts all your data, and request some ransom payments from the infected computers in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

How to fix Ransomware encryption 

Without mincing words, your best bets is to download WanaKiwi Tool which allow you erase any traces of the malware from your computer

Interestingly, WanaKiwi can be used installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008, and can also be run using the command prompt. If your system is among those affected by Ransomeware, then download the decryption tool kit from below link

Where to download WanaKiwi Tool or Wanakey

Download Wanakey. and follow the guides on how to install, or run it on your system, Don’t forget to save a friend by kindly sharing this article…

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