Globacom may be dying gradually…. Here’s why

The network provider called Glo seems to be punishing many of its users and even their employees are grumble bitterly.I’m not criticizing but am only rendering assistance in amplifying someone’s criticism.

Many customers are experiencing low return everyday in terms of glo network quality and this is not motivating at all. Alexander Nwuba CEO of Smile Air thinks that Glo may be dying gradually.

Globacom may be dying gradually, how ?

Raising poor domestic services, i know this because am a user. I’m curious to know if it’s only Nigerian students that is using the service …Though i use it for Data and it is not expensive but it does not entice customers

I don’t even know that GloBenin exist, No changes in years, everyone is heading to LTE  but i’m talking about real changes.And it’s called GLO Unlimited, with the motto:Unlimited

A Glo employee who left the company said and i quote ” I worked at Globacom prior to roll-out in the early 2000s. I doubt if any employee at the company  can improve things for better. Despite that it has the ability to be the top 4 player in the MEA region, but the localized thinking from the company’s owner and the diffusion of this kind of thinking down the line is killing the company.”

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If i may ask, how has been Glo 4G LTE speed in your area? you as a Glo data and network user, Any improvement at all.

Source : Yomiprof

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