Meet the Giant 55 inch’s Google Tablet, JamBoard

The search Engine Giants Google has recently introduced a huge 55-inches tablet, codename JamBoard, a very powerful hands tool for working teams

Google JamBoard  is an extremely large Tablet named with 55-inches, placing it on a stand or wall, produces a connected digital whiteboard

What is Google jamBoard tablet

The named “jamboard” is a fitting name, which will bring team members to share/jam ideas, it also said that the jamBoard is so smart that it can linked with apps on mobile, more also, up to 16 users can create content from their device and post them remotely to the board.

now that each class we have is own whiteboard, there is no need for student or participants to go near the whiteboard, since there is a connecting tablet that they can use in posting to the board, and all this work will be save on Google Drive and it can be easily retrieve by many participant.

The Google tablet has a giant stylus for scribbling on its surface. it also feature an HDMI 2.0 port, USB 3.0, as well as a WIFI and NFC, need i mention its wide range angle camera also with a microphones and a loudspeakers.

As impressive as it looks, Google Jamboard price in US would make a Nigerian have a re think, sincerely it cost a whopping $5,000, for one of this giant tablet to be yours which is about #1.9M

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