How to disable iOS OTA updates on any iPhone device

There’s a way to easily disable iOS OTA updates on your iPhone without causing any damage or whatsoever, of course, the fastest ways to push any system updates to phone is Over the Air (OTA)

While most smartphones users love to have this feature enabled, others, however, doesn’t, and might not be far-fetched from reports of bug that sometimes come with these update, while some has been reported to slow down the device

As a matter of fact, OTA updates on iOS platform drops in quietly, not even a single notification when it is downloading. unlike android users who have to either install or decline

In any case. you can disable OTA updates easily on any iPhone, even Jail-broken devices are not left out, but you might have to download and install Cydia repository, however, for non-jailbroken devices, here’s how to quickly disable it

How to disable iOS OTA updates on any iPhone ( non-jailbroken )

  1. Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud, then tap on Manage Storage. Tap on the OTA update file awaiting installation and then Delete.
  2. Launch Safari browser, then go to this GitHub repository:
  3. The website will give you an iOS software profile which you should download and install. This software profile comes from Apple TV OS, and it only has beta updates which won’t be downloaded to an iPhone.
  4. Finally, restart your device once the profile has been installed.

Congratulations, you shouldn’t be bothered again with any update prompts in the Software Update section. and in case you want to re-enable the OTA updates, Just go to your app manager and uninstall software profile

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