How To Increase Games Downloading Speed On PS4

Sometimes you have all it takes to make a game purchase online but you might not be able to get the game at a very faster rate and that happens a lot with a lot of games and one of them is the PlayStation 4 (PS4) but in this article we would teach you a proven method on How to increase app and game download speed on PS4.

The PlayStation 4 is an addictive game with amazing graphics which contains a very large data space.Purchasing a PS4 game online requires you to have a fast and steady internet connection in order for you to download the game and it could take much longer since the Warcraft size is up to 32GB and you know what that means.

In Nigeria,having to download the PS4 has being a challenge as a result of the slow internet connection rate present there especially having to download games online using the PNS store but very luckily,there is now a solution for that.

Provided you are with the right tools needed for this steps like your PlayStation 4 console which must be connected to the internet or you can also connect to the internet using WI-FI. Make use of Google DNS Servers and note that you will have to edit the internet DNS settings that is on the PS 4 console to google DNS

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Now all you have to do is to sit back and follow the steps below ;

How to increase game downloading speed on PS4.

  • In order to edit the internet DNS settings that is on the PS 4 console to google DNS,go to Settings>>Network  after doing that move to Set Up Internet Connection >> Use Wi-Fi >> Custom.
  • Then select a Wireless Internet Connection and choose Automatic or Manual which can be found under the IP Address Settings
  • Provided Manual  is being selected ,move down to Primary DNS located in the Manual menu and clear all the  numerical characters and change it to
  • Having done that,also clear all the figures located in the Secondary DNS and insert
How to increase app and game download speed on PS4

Credits : Techsng

  • By reaching this stage, you will have to make a choice either you cancel and go back, or you input the Default Gateway,IP address and Subnet Mask .
  • In order to do this,you are going o need a computer that must be connected to same Wi-Fi network just as your PS4 Console.

  • Using a computer that is running on windows 10 OS (this was the window version that was used) locate the CMD and then click on command prompt app and type in ipconfig and press enter button.

NOTE that your IP information will pop up on your screen then you can now input the details in their respective field on the PS4 console once that is accomplished click next and you are good to go.

Completing the setups above return back to check your download and there you will observe that there is a decrease in time left and an increase in download speed.

Credits : Techsng

Another easier way to do this is by just selecting to put the PS 4 in a rest mode tends to bring a relief in the console of  some other functions that it has to do during your downloading. Your downloads are also safe while it is in rest mode.

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To perform the rest mode operation,locate Power >>Enter reset mode then let it stay for some few seconds until the  light censor on the PS4 console turn yellow and you are done.

Source : Techsng

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