How To Swap Your Old Phone for a New one at Slot Nigeria

The opportunity you have been waiting for is finally here, you can now swap any of your old phones for a new one at any Slot outlet in Nigeria

Wondering if that’s ever possible, well relax and see how to exchange that old aged smartphone to a new phone withing mins

Although this has been on for awhile, but for the benefits of those reading about it for the first time, Slot Nigeria partnered with Matrix sometimes last year to allow all smartphone users own new device without any struggle

swap old phone at slot

where you bought the phone is not a barrier, as long as you are willing to swap it for a new one, you can still change it at Slot, Matrix representative or agent will do the needful, and you can exchange the likes of Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, Tecno, Infinix etc

Disappointingly, the Slot trade-in services is yet to cut across all 36 States in Nigeria, but as at the time of post, smartphone users who reside in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta, PortHarcourt, Owerri, Kano, Onitsha, Kaduna, Enugu and a few other states can enjoy this services

How can i swap my old phone for a new one at slot

  • locate any Slot store closest to you
  • Walk in with your old phone you intend to exchange
  • Get in touch with the Matrix Representative stationed there
  • Pick up a form and fill correctly to ascertain phone’s present condition.
  • Matrix Rep inspects and values it.
  • If satisfied with the valued price, collect your voucher for that amount.
  • Then add few bucks (money) with the voucher ( Amount you’ll add depend largely on the type of phone to exchange with)
  • Finally, walk home with your phone

You might however want to take into consideration the condition of the phone you want to swap, as it will determine the amount on voucher

Can i swap a stolen phone ??

Like seriously ?? Well i would advise you gently return the stolen phone in your possession, according to Slot director, users can easily register their phone at which prevent anyone from swapping a stolen phone for a new one.

So if you intend to go along with one, you need Jesus!!

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