Uber introduced new route-based pricing in 14 US Cities

Now that Uber has introduced its new route-based pricing, meaning that there charges will be more if customer goes along with higher demands. in other words, prices will now be charge based on distance, travel time and time of day.

The Aims of the company is to bring in an Artificial Intelligent Ai and marching learning techniques, that will predict what customer is choosing to pay. And this will make the company to charge customers higher than what is used to be. for instance, A rich man traveling to a poor town will pay more than a poor man traveling to a rich town.

This increased will not affect the drivers, But drivers have to know what riders will pay upfront, eventually Uber may likely not reduced the fare to show their share.

Drivers however has complained about the cost on riders in so many times. But this improvement is expected to take issue like that more serious. But have it in mind that the Uber route-based pricing system will only affect 14 cities across the US.

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