How To Update Opera Browser To Latest Version Manually

Its no longer news that Opera released an updated version of its Browser Opera 45 with Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Telegram built-in into it’s sidebar, well, today we’ll be looking at how you can update Opera Browser to the latest version manually

Opera browser comes with an automatic update features that allow users stay up-to-date with should the company release any latest adjustment, security patches or stability fixes.

Unknown to users, the browser silently performs regular interval checks for updates and pops up auto-update notification as soon as it detect any recommended update. If you want to update your Opera browser, you can then select “download and install” the update once the notification pops up

Although, you should be able to install the latest update, but in case an Opera update has been released and the auto-update dialog fails to pops out for you to download, then here’s how to manually update your PC Opera browser to the new Opera 45 browser

How To Update Opera Browser To Latest Version Manually

  • Tap the Opera button at the top of your Opera web browser window, and click “About Opera”.
How To Manually Update Opera Browser To Latest Version

Credits : Ogbongeblog

  • It will then check to see if there’s any update available.

Credits : Ogbongeblog

  • If there’s any available, it will then start to download
  • As soon as the Opera download completes
  • Click on “Relaunch Now” button.
download Opera browser

Credits : Ogbongeblog

Congratulations, you have manually upgraded your Opera browser to the latest version, Oh you don’t have the browser installed on your PC, refer to to download Opera browser.

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