How To Watch, Stream YouTube Videos With Airtel Social Bundle Data

Want to know How To Stream YouTube Videos With Airtel Social Bundle Data? I want to believe most of you’re already enjoying the Airtel free Social me data, well for one reason or another, streaming videos on YouTube or downloading heavy files seems impossible with it

Today’ll be looking at how to use the free Airtel Social Bundle Data to download or Stream Youtube Videos, You’d recall we had sometimes published how to browse with it using opera mini and roogen proxy server.

But some still complains of just being able to use the data to chat on social apps alone (Facebook & WhatsApp ) if you are in the categories of such people, then read on to learn how to watch YouTube video with it.

To get started, you need to download Opera mini 4.1 native browser, (not the regular version ), we are using that particular version because of its several high-end features

Features such as the ability to increase data usage, disable adblocker, and as well stream videos online which are task most common opera mini finds difficult performing

Although we have been receiving reports that Airtel has wiped the free Social me data but just in case yours still active, you might want to start streaming videos or probably downloading with it before they get to you

How can i stream videos or download with Airtel Free Social Plan ?

  • First, Download native Opera browser v4.1
  • Install once download is completed
  • launch the browser and tap on MENU
  • Now tap DATA SAVING.

  • Go to settings and Select HIGH.

  • Now, enable “disable Adblocker.”

  • Finally, go to and search for any of your favorite videos, then start streaming/watching .

Its that simple, if i may ask, is yours still active ? or Airtel has whipped all your free social data ?

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