5 Cons of Smart Watches And How You Can Workaround It

Smart watches are very useful and they can be assistive in various task of our everyday life. Task like health management or networking with the device are two basic and most assistive functions that every smart watch with offer you.

With the help of Bluetooth smart watch, you can connect your smart watch with device or smart phone and then you can take the call via Bluetooth device directly from your watch. You will no longer need to hold your smart phone in your hand to receive or end calls.

In fact, when you have smart watch then you will get capabilities of doing many different kinds of actions via smart watch. You just need to pair your watch with mobile and then you can keep your mobile in your pocket because smart watch will do everything for you.

Buying under budget, cheap and best smart watch is quite easy these days because there are so many options available in the market right now. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect watch that can fulfill all your expectations.

Most importantly, every kind of watch will have some pros and some cons. We have enlisted basic cons of smart watches along with the workaround techniques for them so that the effect of cons can be reduced and you can avail complete advantage of smart watches online purchase.

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Cons list of Smart Watches With Workaround

  1. Capability issues: Some smart watches constantly fall out of sync setting and that is the biggest issue for the first time user. Another issue is insufficient storage space will limit the usability of the watch. Moreover, it is possible for some smart watch to ignore registering alerts due to software or operating system issues.

Workaround process: These are the bugs of the operating system and most of the bugs are fixed after their recognition. Company offers time to time operating system update so that the user can experience the best usability of the device without facing such issues.

  1. Inconvenience of use: When a smart watch will receive any notification then the most distracting factor is the vibration or buzzing on your wrist. Although it is an easy way but also a forced way to get notification and it could be quite inconvenient when you are busy, concentrating or resting.

Workaround process: You can choose another way of getting notification alert from setting. If such option is not available, then you can try to schedule your activities accordingly. For example, leave the watch on the desk when you are resting or concentrating on something.

  1. Battery Life: Battery life could be a real issue in a smart watch. There are some smart watches that can offer you battery life of a month or even more than that. While on the other hand, some smart watches like Samsung watch will not even last a day. There some ptron smartwatch that can last more than you expect.
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Workaround process: When you are selecting and buying your smart watches then make sure that you check the battery so that you can get the best smart watch that will not drain the battery so quickly. When your battery will last long then you would be able to utilize all features of smart watch freely.

  1. Basic Watch Functions: Although it is a smart tech enabled gadget but it is still a watch. Sometimes, some watches can be difficult in basic features due to the integration of unmanaged advanced features in it.

Workaround process: It is better that you buy a simple watch if you are just looking for basic functions because it will not run on battery and will be more reliable and accurate in time. This is not an alternative for a smart watch but a choice that you can make. Or, you should choose watch with research.

  1. Appearance Factor: It is quite common factor that some smart watches give awkward appearance and you cannot actually use them in your daily routine like you use regular watch due to tacky and unpleasant appearance.

Workaround process: There are some watches that are like this but if you will search enough then you can find watch that will offer you exactly what you need from your watch. You will get an elegant appearance and it will not look like a robot but a decent watch

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