Apple iPhone 8 will Feature Wireless Charging and Waterproof

Apple has been reported to be working on its new series iPhone 8 device and is expected to be launched later this year

Interestingly, we have heard rumors that the device would feature OLED panel, Fast A11 chip Wireless charging and AR support among several others.

Wistron who happens to be the CEO of Apple manufacturing company confirms that Apple phone to be released later will possess wireless charging and waterproofing.

Some of the methods of assembling the iPhone are still the same but new features like wireless charging will now require some different testing and this will tend to slow down the release of the device because of the experiment that the Apple company still have to go through in order to achieve their aim.

We have heard before that Apple iPhone 8 has been announced to feature waterproofing capabilities and wireless charging.

But still, we are not quite sure whether the Apple company will still add the Qi Wireless charging they might decide to bring I  an innovative long-range charging that we have heard as the rumor a lot of times.

Presently there is a tip that Apple is experimenting with wireless charging technologies that could enable you to charge your phone with a Wi-Fi router.

Hwang statement to the reporters concerning the Apple iPhone 8 manufacturing company in India

According to Hwang, he gave an update concerning Wistron facility located in India that is starting the production of iPhones SE only for the fact that they produce a smaller number of handset he also said that he expects Wistron’s overall smartphone business in the country to break even next year.

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Hwang included in his statement that the growth of the manufacturing company that is in India will greatly depend on the negotiations between Apple and the Indian Government.

He reportedly told the reporters “We are being very aggressive in expanding our presence in India in addition to smartphone business,”

As it was leaked Apple iPhone 8 renders suggest that the smartphone will sport a bezel-less display along with a fingerprint scanner that is embedded underneath, a glass back, an elongated power button and a vertical dual camera setup,

Some say that Apple iPhone 8 might take long before it will be released while others insist that phone will launch in September because that happens to be the month Apple seem to release their smartphones.

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  • Thanks for the article its good to know that cell phone companies are coming up with new ways to charge phones. Is there any chance that the wireless charging using wifi routers would come out for android too