What are the Benefits, Disadvantages of rooting / jailbreaking my phone ?

Wondering if rooting your phone or jail-breaking it as the case may be for iphone users is the best, well you no longer need to, here in this article we shall be considering some of the benefits of doing so

Having full access to some unauthorized system files on your device in order to edit or change it to suit you is easier said than done , because you will need your device to either be rooted or jailbroken, this among several others are why you might want to consider moving in this direction

What are the Benefits or Advantages of rooting / jailbreaking my phone ?

  • Rooting; 

Note that rooting of phone is recognizably different in nature from Jailbreaking, by rooting your device you will be able to have access to edit and customize it to your preferred taste.

Knowing that Android OEM usually neglect most of the smartphones just in a few moth after they are being launched.And as a result of neglecting those smart phones ,software updates are not be made available to them which leaves them to rely on a third party vendor in order to keep the phone on track.

  • Jailbreaking:

Now here comes another part of rooting that involves bypassing the limitations that are being created by Apple on an iPhone.This similar partner is called Jailbreaking that will enable you to replace your system icons,change the control center and a lot more.

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Although, existing feature of the iPhone tends to get more better as a result of the Cydia tweaks like the Zeppelin and Cylinder tweaks.

However, the main difference between Rooting and Jailbreaking is that; you can remove bloatware,improve your phone performance and update it by rooting but you don’t need to jailbreak an iPhone to achieve all that.

There are some other things that can be done on an iPhone without rooting,of which some of them include ; replacing stock system apps,customization of your device and many more.

Disadvantages of both methods

One of the major setbacks of Jailbreaking your iPhone or Rooting your Android device is that you will be cut out from getting software updates and you will not even be able to install any of it when you get a notification update for a new OTA

Both methods have similar disadvantages but will give you access to greater control of your smartphone.

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Now you must have known some of the features of rooting and jailbreaking a phone and you also may have likely learn their major difference and drawbacks

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