The best MP3 Player You can Buy for $1.50

Did you need a cheap MP3 player? Get the Simplicity Fashion Pocket MP3 Player, which is available from Gearbest for $1.51.  Seriously, that price includes free shipping to the US.

The price does not include things like  headphones, mini USB cable or a microSD card, all of these things you’ll need. But if you’ve already have you don’t need it buy it again, and If you don’t have you can probably buy some accessories.

This MP3 player doesn’t have any built-in storage and it doesn’t have a screen.  The battery life should get up to 3 hours from its 90 mAh rechargeable battery and it can use microSD cards up to 16GB.

Just copy some of your music (or other audio) to the SD card and turn on the device to start listen to music. The body of the MP3 is plastic, but it is covered by a metal frame and has a sturdy metal clip that you can use to attach the MP3 player to clothing. And the buttons feel reasonably responsive and sturdy.

That’s not something I could say about the other MP3 players I ordered from Gearbest to test. The Simplicity Fashion model had the best sturdiest build quality and the best audio quality. It supports volume, skip track, rewind, play, pause and fast forward.

If you turn off the device and turn it on again the MP3 player it will start playing the last track you were listening to from the beginning. For example, if you’ve got 15 songs album on the audio player and you were halfway through the track 9 when you turned off the device, it’ll start playing track 9 from the beginning when you turn it on.Tracks are played in alphanumeric order.

But this MP3 player is probably better to listen to music than audio books or podcasts since it won’t save your place in long audio files. So you can listen to any type of audio you like.

There is no shuffle option, so to enter the repeat mode, you can press-and-hold the play button. You can go back to normal playback mode by long-pressing the center button again. When the track you’re listening to ends, it will start again and again.

If you plug your mini USB cable into a computer it then becomes a microSD card reader, whether the power switch is turned to the on or off position.

But it’s a slow card reader so I’d recommend using an external card reader if you plan to transfer a lot of data.  The MP3 player is also available in many color like blue, red, black and green color options.

Simplicity Pocket MP3 Player for less than 2$

This little MP3 player is perfect and useful in so many ways: it will be used as part of a multimedia gallery, it show where visitors can use the MP3 players to listen to audio interviews while viewing visuals things at various stations in the exhibit space.

The Simplicity Fashion Pocket MP3 Player is small enough not to get in the way of your workout and  it is cheap enough that you won’t worry too much when it get lost or stolen.You can also use it when you are in the gym or while running.

One of the most expensive model was a $3.75 MP3 player with a tiny LCD display and supports more features, but the user interface is confusing and difficult to navigate, but the sound quality isn’t as good as on the Simplicity Fashion model.

Simplicity Fashion Model player is probably one of the best MP3 players you can purchase for just $1.50. The sound of the other two cheap model i tried is not as good as the Simplicity Fashion version.

Source : liliputing

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