Download Stark VPN V4.0 to Fix Etisalat Glo Free Browsing Not Working

Is your Etisalat or Glo Free Browsing cheat misbehaving and now working?? Well download latest Stark V4.0 Apk to fix it ASAP!

The latest Version of the VPN is your best bet, If you’ve been following most of our update, you’d recall just of recent we publish an unlimited cheat on etisalat 

While some users were busy enjoying the cheat, some complained of it not working, and as always, Stark developer gat your back 

Stark V4.0 Apk

Although, the latest Stark VPN V4.0 works fine with etisalat, and of course seems more stable than its previous version, however there’s a clause 

Just as the saying, nothing goes for free, this version is embedded with ads, which pops up often, but not that annoying thou

So if you are the type that hate such, well you might want to stay with old version, but miss out of Stable browsing, However, we all should support and encourage the developer by at least visiting some of this ads, that’s what keeps the fire burning you know..

Without wasting much of our time, if your Etisalat cheat is not working, then you might want to download Stark VPN V4.0 to rectify that..


  • Free to use
  • Can be used to change location 
  • Hundreds of Free proxy servers
  • No Restrictions or whatsoever 
  • Connection is secured
  • Compression support
  • Low battery/ram usage
  • Can be used to download torrent files
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Want to know how to setup or configure it?? Then refer to our previous article on etisalat free browsing  settings

Where can I download Stark VPN V4.0 Apk ?

Don’t get it twisted, Refer here ASAP! any questions or problems?? Kindly use the comment section..

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