Google Android O Developer Preview 3 rolled out to Android Beta Programers

Google will soon be launching its new Android O, developers can now access the final version of the APIs Preview 3 that is needed to develop the latest version of Google operating system.

Luckily, Google Android O is now rolling out to members of the Android Beta Program that will be starting today and it looks like the phone will be called Android 8.0 when it is launched.

Just as the Developer Preview 2 was launched few weeks ago, Google latest Android Orange doesn’t seem to be coming with any new feature but we know that the API levels have being updated and the problem of bugs have being eliminated and so many other changes made to this device.

Google Android O Developer Preview 3

The release of this device seems to be aiming at developers interests because then developers can take Android O DP3 for a spin by just signing up for the Android Beta Program or probably by just downloading and flashing an OTA image.

But now the device seems to enable developers app compatible with the upcoming Android Orange device there by giving them the tools to enjoy new features such as ;

  • Swift multi tasking, allowing chat, video and other apps to stay on top in a small window while you are still multi tasking.
  • Multi-display supports
  • Supports Adaptive icons that will help to change developers design in order to match various device UI
  • User will be able to see a badge on app icon when there are notifications with the Notification dot feature
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Google Android 8.0 will be available for Pixel and Pixel XL Phones, Nexus Player Android TV Box,Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X,and Pixel C Tablet.

However keep in mind that when downgrading from Android 8.0 to latest version of Android Nougat, all your data will be wipe off  so be careful.

In addiction to the Google Android O Developer Preview 3 device, it will be more easier to fill in forms with usernames, passwords, credit card info, or other details background execution limits,and support for downloadable fonts.Google is expected to start rolling out the first stable build for Android maybe this summer but stay tuned until then.

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