WhatsApp updates hit iOS with Quick Replies, Photo Filters among others..

The social media app WhatsApp is hitting iPhone users with new updates carrying lots of added features, one of it is the ability to set filters to videos with Quick button reply

Other features worth pointing out in the new WhatApp update includes camera filters, reply shortcuts, albums among several others

As a matter of fact the newly added album feature will even make it easier for you to arrange group of pictures you receive or send on WhatApp in as much as they are all sent to a group of four or more.

That being said, the new update also includes Photo Filters Features which seems to be the most fascinating added upgrade, imaging being able to apply a set of filters to videos, pictures and GIF’s.

What we know about the new iOS Whatsapp Update

So far, there about 5 filters presently which is most likely to turn another addiction since they will be embedded into the camera directly which allow users select pictures and add layers instead of the long usual way of editing pictures before upload

Another WhatApp feature to be introduced is called Quick Replies,  which in turn helps users control their chatting experience

Also included is the gesture controls that enable user to swipe right or left on a certain text in order to quickly give a reply. this feature might be very handy in group chats

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You’d recall sometimes ago, whatapp included a feature to enable users reply messages in group chat making chatting faster.

Without being bias, one of the best things that has ever happened to WhatsApp was it being acquired by Mark, Since Facebook took over there has being lot of improvements in the social media platform

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Disappointingly, the updates listed above are only for iPhone users and there has been no words whatsoever from the company concerning extending the updates to Android users. but you can be rest assured that this will surely be hitting Android soonest.

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