Major iPhone battery Problems and how to fix them

One of the major aging issues on an iPhone is the battery problem. If the battery develops some problem this indicates that it is high time you get a new phone.

But, if you still want to use the phone, you can check out few major fix to iPhone battery problems below.


To check the reason why your battery dies quickly, go to Settings > Battery. Under Battery Usage, check out the list of apps and see how much battery each app consumed in 24 hours or 7 days. If there is any specific app that you can do without that consumes too much battery, uninstall it. Or check the fine print, maybe that app is consuming data simply because it keeps running in the background

You could disable the former by going to Settings > General Background App Refresh and disable it together or for individual apps. For the latter, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then disable that apps that overuse the feature.iPhone battery problems


The charger you are using maybe a poor-quality charger and this can cause your phone to heat up seriously. Try to find a suitable charger with good-quality. Is not compulsory you buy an Apple charger, you can buy a charger that is made for iPhone/iPad or charger with iPod on their package.

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There are certain steps to correct your iPhone if it dies before the battery hits zero, the steps are:

  • Look for a software update: Go to Settings > General > Software. if there is any available update available download and install it.
  • Restore from backup or factory reset: You can restore your iPhone from a recent backup on iTunes, or you can perform a factory reset. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Take the device to an Apple Store: If your iPhone battery problems continue after the factory reset, and you want to repairs it. Apple will check the problem to see if there is a hardware issue with your phone.


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