The making of the world 10,000 mAh Battery Device : Oukitel K10000 Pro

I still wonder what Oukitel was thinking to dish out the K10000 Pro with this much battery, Even when some device were busy burning up cars with lesser capacity

Well, if you among the curious few, then here’s a 3 mins video of how K10000 Pro came to be, Oukitel released assembling video to furnish us with the factory manufacturing process of what to expect

Judging by the video, one could see how Oukitel K10000 Pro was manufactured, and carefully assembled bit by bit

The Phone was seriously put to multiple testing’s, It is some of these tested assembled packages they give out to blogger for review before launching..

You’d recall its lite version was sometimes last year introduced, and as expected, lite model are often not as equipped as pro

That being said, it has since then held its top position among world most powerful long lasting battery Capacity Android Phone since released

You might be wondering if the huge power juice was the only thing it as to offer, of course not, Oukitel K10000 Pro packs other mouth watering features

Including fingerprint scanner, 2 GB Ram, An impressive 8 MP Camera Shooter accompanied by one of Google latest Android 7.0

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Must Watch: Oukitel K10000 Pro 3 Minute Manufacturing Video

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