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Download BetaGol To Use the latest Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on PC

Here is another latest BETAGOL VPN SETTINGS FOR GLO 0.0k FREE BROWSING FOR PC particularly for Android users and it will work perfectly for those who area residing in an area where Globacom network is strong.



Just like the normal way we do it, you know that you will surely need a VPN apps  in the likes of  Psiphon, Tweakware,AnonyTun and many more.Unfortunately there is still no way for iPhone and PC users to enjoy this service because their devices are being deprived from it (too bad)

Now you can enjoy Glo free browsing cheat on your PC via BetaGol.exe App which can be installed on Laptops and desktop computers running virtually all Windows versions.

But there is something we would like you to know and this news might trigger some people by making them happy most especially PC users,fortunately you can now enjoy the latest glo free browsing cheat on PC  via BetaGol.exe App that means PC users are not limited to enjoy this service.

The BetaGol.exe App can be downloaded and installed on desktops and laptops luckily the app can run on all window versions and can be used for Glo 0.0kb free browsing including some other cheat that we will soon come across in our later post.

For now let focus on how to work out this cheat;


  •  You will need your Glo SIM Card with 0.0KB balance
  • Including a Strong 3G Network
  •  Download Java Run Time App for PC
  • Download BetaGol for PC
  •  Register For Tweakware Premium
  •  Internet connection medium (Modem, Dongle, Smartphone etc)
  • And of course you will need your PC

The download links of those app will be provided below but first here is how to do it


  • Firstly you must ensure you have downloaded the above required files ( the download links will be provided below), get a Tweakware premium account in Step 5 by paying just N500. Note it is valid for just one month!
  • Once that is accomplished,all you need to do is to  Install BetaGol for PC including Java Run Time App you downloaded from the links that will be provided below.
  • Finally launch the App and then log in with your details then click START just wait for few minutes for it to connect and once you are connected, launch your favorite browser and begin to enjoy unlimited downloads with Glo hurray!!.

Apps Download links;

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