Etisalat introduce BlazeOn App For Time Base Unlimited Data Plan

Etisalat has just launched time base data plans which is also known as BlazeOn for unlimited browsing and downloading.

The Blaze On service allows you to connect to the web for 10mins to 1 hour for a fee of N50.00 to N200, with fair usage policy.

The Setup is very easy. You’re asked to provide your etisalat number or it is automatically detected, after that a registration code is sent to your line. Just Input the code.

But this app needs an internet connection. You can use a  Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G connection. Your current plan status and airtime balance will be shown. To connect to the web, just select a plan of your choice.


You can get 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or go for 1hour plan. You can download unlimited until your time expires.

BlazeOn App For Etisalat

Download  BlazeOn App from google playstore or you can download  BlazeOn apk here. Set up the app and enjoy it.

Note: This plan is okay only if Etisalat network is fast in your area otherwise you might regret it.

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